My Gardenier Research  --

Includes Gardinier, Gordinier, Gordineer, Gaudineer, 

Gerdineer, Guardenier, Gurdineer, etc.

of New York State, Mostly Outside of New York City


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Gardenier Research  (below)  - researching Gardenier, Gardinier, Gardinear, Gordinier, Gordineer, Gaudineer,

                                                     Guardenier, Gurdinier, Gerdinier and about 50 other spellings  

Gardenier Certificates  - a list of over 200 marriage and death certificates I own.  For sale or trading.

Vital Records Certificates  - I will determine the place and date of birth, marriage or death.  Also, I will apply for

                                                 a certificate so that you will get it in less than a month.  I specialize in Gardenier






I believe that I am currently the most active U.S. researcher of the Gardenier surname (and its variant spellings) as it occurs anywhere in New York State.  For about 11 years, I have been collecting information about New Yorkers with such spellings as Gardenier, Gardinier, Gordinier, Gaudineer, Guardenier, Gerdineer, Gurdineer and a multitude of other variations that all end with the sound of 'ear' (-ier, -eer, -ear, -ere, -iere, etc.).  The sound of the ending is more important than the actual spelling.


I don't research Gardiner or Gardner except when they were temporary misspellings of the surname (as in censuses and military records), or when it is certain that they descended from one of the other spellings.  Since I live in the area where the original Gardeniers lived, I have access to much more information than other researchers would encounter.  


In 2003, I spent over $2300 on death and marriage certificates (see list).  A couple of years earlier, I made a book order for $1000 (mostly church records) to aid me in my New York research on Gardeniers.  I have bought many books since.  I have subscribed to online record services such as  I am a serious researcher who is collecting information on this surname and its variations in the hope of eventually using the information in a series of books about New York State Gardeniers.  


I don't put my Gardenier data online, because that would compete with the books I have planned.  I don't give away Gardenier data because it often ends up online somewhere and will make my books less needed.  I am willing, however, to trade my data for data I don't have.  Or, I will do research for a fee. 


RESEARCH FEE #1:  $35 per hour + road tolls, parking fees, and admission fees.  Travel time of 50 minutes or more round trip will be charged, but at a reduced rate.  


RESEARCH FEE #2:  I would prefer to charge for results rather than time and expenses.  Under this plan, I will establish a fee per generation with you.  It will include sources that prove, as much as is possible, the relationship between the generations.  It will include the husband and wife in each generation, but may or may not include the siblings of your direct ancestors.  We can discuss your needs.


Waving My Research Fees :

If you have articles, certificates, deeds, wills, obituaries of people who were born by 1920, or other writings of interest to me, I would be willing to exchange some of my research findings for photocopies or scans of the documents.  I will be asking you for the source(s) of your information. 


If you would like your non-living relatives included in one of my books, please contact me.  I may need some information about them.  I plan for the books to be published on archival paper and with a sturdy binding.  The books should be in use in some major libraries for at least 150 years.  Your descendants may be very happy you took the time to get their relatives included.







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