My Certificates of Marriage and Death For 

New York State, Outside of New York City.

Includes Gardenier, Gardinier, Gordinier, Gordineer, 

Gaudineer, Gerdineer, Guardenier, Gurdineer, etc. 


Cliff Lamere    8 Feb 2006







Marriage Certificates  (1881-1900)

Death Certificates  (1882-1933)


These certificates are all from New York State, outside of New York City.  They are stamped "For Genealogical Research Only" (or something similar) by the NYS Dept. of Health.  They are all handwritten.  They usually contain more information than typed certificates obtained from local governments in the state.  


The marriage certificates usually, but not always, consist of two sheets; a Certificate of Marriage and a Return of a Marriage, which may be stapled together.  The Return is signed by the bride and groom.  


The Death Certificates consist of a single sheet only.  Whereas most of the time the parents of the deceased are named, sometimes only the father is named and sometimes neither are named.  The informant may not have had knowledge of that information, especially if the informant was a recent wife, a hospital, or a nursing home.  The informant's signature is often present.


Certificates I Own - Price:  

$20 per certificate from the lists below, postpaid.  If you prefer, you can order a photocopy for $12 postpaid.  Certificates or photocopies will be mailed within a few days after receipt of payment.  If the certificates are ordered from the state, or a local government, the price is $22 postpaid.  However, the state searches only for the spelling you give them.  It is common to have the spelling wrong on documents unless the person spelled their name for the person recording it.  Also, poor handwriting could have been misinterpreted when the state made its vital records indexes.  If you don't supply the same misspelling, there is little chance that the state will find the certificate.  They charge the fee even if they don't find the spelling you requested.  They search one year on either side of the year you give them, unless you pay extra.  


Cities also often charge the fee even if they don't have that certificate (Albany is an example).  Villages tend to be more flexible.  If you phone, they may look up the person to see if they have the certificate before you order it.  The difficult part is knowing the communitiy where the person died or was married.  Ordering a certificate from me will help get around that problem.  I will look it up and send that information on an application. 


Certificates to Trade:

If you have any certificates that I don't have, perhaps we could trade photocopies of them.  







Alphabetized by Given Name (spellings for an individual often vary from one document or certificate to another)

     If you find a name below that interests you, send me some information about the person you seek so that I can try to confirm that it is the same person.    [The asterisks ( * ) are for my personal use.]


Gardinier A.M. (Male)

Gordinier Adam H.

Gordinear Addison D.

Gardineer Alford

Gaudinier Bailey  *

Gordinier Barney T.

Gaudineer Benjamin  *

Gordineer Benjamin W.  *

Gardenier Bertrand  *

Gaudinier Buntnall  *

Gardinear Charles

Gardnier Charles

Gardinier Charles A.

Gardinier Charles E?

Gordineer Charles F.  *

Gordinier Charles F.

Gardenier Charles H.  *

Gordinier Clarence H.

Gardinier Daniel C.

Gardinier David B.

Gardinier David S.

Gardinier Edna E.

Gardinier Edward

Gordnier Edwin S.

Gardinier Elisha W.

Gardinier Elizabeth

Gordinier Emma J.

Gardinier Eugene  *

Gaudinier Eugene  *

Gardanier Frank L.  *

Gardinier Frank L.

Gardinier Fred M.

Gaudineer Frederick  *

Gordnier George

Gardineer George W.

Gardinier George W.

Gardinier Gertrude

Gardinier Harvey

Gardinier Harry J.

Gardenier Henry N.

Gardinier Henry S.

Gardnier Henry W.

Gordinier Herman C.

Gardinier Irving J.  *

Gordinier James

Gardinier Jay

Gordineer Jefferson  *

Gordinier Jennie

Gardinier John F.

Gardinier John M.

Gardinier John S.

Gordinier John S.

Gordinier Julia E.

Gardnier Lawrence D.

Gardenier Mamie

Gordinier Mary A.

Gardenier Mary E.

Gordinier Maurice A.

Gardineer May

Gardinier Minnie

Gardinier Minnie B.

Gardinier Robert H.

Gardenier Samuel H.

Gardinier Sanford C.

Gardinier Sarah

Gordinier Sarah

Gardinier Vernon S.

Gardinier Viola

Gaudineer Warren  *

Gardinier Warren R.?

Gardenier Wells C.

Gordineer William  *

Gardinier William H.

Gordineer William J.  *

Gordineer William J.  *

Gardenier William W.






Alphabetized by Given Name (spellings for an individual often varied from one document or certificate to another)

     If you find a name below that interests you, send me some information about the person you seek so that I can try to confirm that the certificate is for the same person.    [The asterisks ( * ) are for my personal use.]


Gardanier Aaron B.

Gardinier Abram

Gardinier Abram

Giordinier Abram

Gardinier Abram M.

Gardinier Abram R.

Gardenier Ada

Gardinier Albert

Gordinear Albert J.  *

Gardinier Alfred

Gardenier Alfred W.

Gordineer Angus  *

Gardinier Annie L.

Gardinier Aruthur [sic]

Gardenier Augus [= Angus]  *

Gordnier Burr

Gardenier Byron H.

Gardinier Charles

Gardinier Charles

Gordinier Charles A.

Gordanier Charles E.

Gardenier Charles E., Jr.

Gardinier Charles M.?

Gordinier Charles N.

Gardnier Charlotte

Gardenier Clarence

Gordinier Daniel

Gordineer David

Grodinier Dewain

Gardinier Earl Y.

Gardineer Edgar

Gardineer Edward B.

Gardinier Elias

Gardenier Elizabeth

Gordenier/Gorderrier Elizabeth M.  (photocopy only)

Gordinere Floyd

Gardinier Frank E.

Gardinier Frank DeV.

Gardinier Franklin P.

Gardinier Fred M.

Gardineer Frederick  *

Gaudineer Frederick

Gardeneer/Gardnier George

Gardenier George

Gardinier George

Gaudinier George  *

Gordinier George  *

Gordinier George

Gardinier George C.

Gaudinier George F.  *

Gardinier George H.

Gardinier George W.

Gardinier George W.

Gaudinier Gilbert

Gordineer Gilbert  *

Gardinier Harvey

Gardinier Henry

Gordinier Henry

Gardineer/Gaudineer - Irving  *

Gardinier Isaac

Gardinier Isaiah H.

Gardineer Jacob  *  (photocopy only)

Gordenier Jacob

Gardinier Jacob M.

Gardinier James

Gardinier James D.

Gardineer James T.

Gardinier James T.

Gardinier James Y.

Gardnier Jeffrey C.

Gordinier Jerald C.

Gordinere Jerome B.

Gordinier Jesse A.

Gardinier Jesse E.

Gardenier John

Gardenier John

Gardinier John

Gardinier John

Gardinier John

Gardinier/Gordinier John

Gordinier John

Gordenier John I.

Gordinier John J.

Gardenier John P.

Gardinier John P.

Gardenier Joseph

Gordinear Joseph

Gardineer Kenneth J.  *

Gardinier Layton H.

Gardenier Le Roy

Gardanier Leonard

Gardnier Lewis H.

Gardinier Mahalis

Gardinier Martin

Gardinier Martin

Gardenier Marvin L.

Gardinier Marvin S.

Gardinier Miles T.

Gardinier Milo E.

Gaudnier Morris  *

Gardineir Nancy M.

Gordenier Neil

Gardinier Nichola [sic]

Gardinier Nicholas

Gardinier Nicholas M.

Gardinier Orville M.

Gardeneer Philip

Gordinier Philip C.

Gardenier Pierce

Gardenier Ransen

Gardenier Ransen A.

Gardineer Ransom V.  *

Gardinier Ray W.

Gordneir Raymond G.

Gardineer Richard

Gardinier Robert

Gordinier Robert

Gardineer Samuel A.

Gordinear Samuel A.

Gardinier Samuel H.

Gordineer Silas  *

Gardnier? Theodore H.

Gardinier Thomas H.

Gardinier Walter C.

Gardinier Ward M.

Gardnier William  *

Gordeneer William

Gardenier William F.

Gardinneer William F.

Gordinier William F.

Gordinier William H.

Gardenier William J.

Gardenier Wilson H.

Gardenier Zina B.




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Vital Records Certificates  - I will determine the place and date of birth, marriage or death.  Also, I will apply for

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